About Us


Ferretería Monterroso began in 1982, at the concern of Mr. Rolando Monterroso son, who worked with his brother Omar Monterroso, in the most successful hardware store in the city at that time, in which they acquired a lot of knowledge about the item, which they managed to awaken a vision, to form their own hardware company.

With funding from their parents, they began selling materials little by little from their house of residence, where they remained operating for a few months until they managed to rent a small place, near where the main offices are currently located. The company grew over time. In the 90s the company showed accelerated growth, thanks to which the country opened its borders to global markets, and to foreign investment. The company participated in large constructions such as new buildings, industrial parks, hotels, shopping centers, urbanization projects and infrastructure.

Currently, the company has more than 300 employees and other family members have been incorporated into the administration of the company. In its inventory there are more than 30 thousand items for sale. It currently has 5 branches located in strategic locations in the city of Pedro Sula and a virtual store with which it expands its services internationally. It has invested in properties in different parts of the country to promote a face-to-face growth. With this, the constant innovation and expansion that the company has in order to achieve its one of its objectives is to be the number 1 hardware store in Honduras and to provide a quality shopping experience to its customers at the hand of work and staff satisfaction. professional that conforms it. Monterroso is characterized by always seeking and providing the best solutions for the market it serves: Detail, Wholesale, Industrial and Projects.

Our Business Credentials


We provide our customers with quality shopping experiences.


Become the ally of your construction, remodeling and decoration projects.


1.- Integrity 2.- Customer Focus 3.- Commitment 4.- Innovation 5.- Teamwork 6.- Leadership


We are a leading company with a high customer focus, dedicated to the sale of quality products and services for construction, remodeling, decoration and industry nationwide through electronic commerce, under international standards of quality, safety and health in the work.


  1. Participate in the search for full customer satisfaction.
  2. Continuously improve the work culture and our Integrated Management System
  3. Prevent injuries and illnesses that affect occupational safety and health
  4. Manage an effective communication model for the consultation and participation of employees
  5. Eficientar los recursos de la organización mediante la tecnología e innovación