1.- Present the original purchase invoice without exception.

2.- All merchandise to be returned must be in good condition and without any use, must be presented with the original packaging. Without opening, as it was delivered at the time of purchase, the customer must be presented with the product purchase invoice.

3.- All returns must be previously accepted by commercial headquarters of Monterroso Hardware Store, without prior authorization, your merchandise will be rejected and the return will not proceed.

4.- All authorized returns are subject to a 10% charge for pre-order expenses. Returns will not be accepted on items made by special orders, conditioned or cut to the specific size of the customer (electric cable, chains, sheets, metal fabrics, etc).

5.- All returns must be invoiced no later than 5 business days after the date of purchase that appears on the invoice, for products delivered via freight, the delivery date that appears in the dispatch log will be taken.

6.- The total amount of the return will be the invoice value less the shipping costs and re-order cost (10%) that will be credited to your account at the monterroso hardware store.

7.- To obtain a return authorization, contact info@ferremosa.com local phone +504 2557-1580, 9441-8454 and 9894-1611. International consultations are received at 305-4078039 from Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 5:30 pm, and on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

8.- All product warranties are exclusively from the factory and are subject to their resolution or final opinion of the manufacturer without exception.

9.- Cash will not be refunded, but it will be necessary to make a credit note in favor of the client, so that he can acquire another item he chooses.

10.- Returns may take a minimum of 3 days.

Warranty claims procedure:

1.- They must present a purchase invoice together with the claim that will only proceed due to factory damage.

2.- If the product was used or comes in conditions other than those delivered, the claim does not apply.

3.- The claim must be authorized by commercial management.

4.- If the claim is not accepted, the client must remove the product from the campus without exception.

5.- Once the claim is authorized, the client will be explained that the diagnosis will take a maximum of three days leaving the machine with the authorized technician along with the copy of the invoice and will be waiting for the seller to give an answer.

6.- If the diagnosis reveals that the product has suffered a bad operation or has been reviewed by another technician, the claim will not proceed, the seller must inform the client of the diagnosis made and demand its withdrawal in less than 7 days. After this time the equipment is available to the company.

7.- If the diagnosis reveals that the product has a factory defect, the technician will pass the diagnosis to review, to be subsequently approved by the commercial management.

8.- The action to be taken (return, exchange, credit note or refund) will be taken and authorized by commercial management without exception to which the following documents must be presented: customer invoice, diagnostic form of the workshop where it was evaluated the product, quotation or budget of expenses to be incurred for repair, evaluation, diagnosis or change of equipment, in the event that the product is entered as a return or exchange, copy of the product into the warehouse (only if authorized by the commercial management) all You must go previously with authorized signatures.

9.- The commercial management will proceed after the delivery of previous documents, to make invoice for change of the product, invoice for replacement, or authorizations for product returns depending on the case and the decision that is made according to the diagnosis of the claim).

10.-When the product under warranty is transferred outside the city and a visit is needed to diagnose a technician, the client must cover transportation, per diem and lodging expenses.